How to Wash Dry Cleaning Clothes at Home and Save a Lot of Money In Laundries

Anyone with a good closet full of trends knows how complicated laundry day can be because sportswear can go all together in the washing machine and survive even a 60°C wash and full spin. But not all clothes are so grateful. Especially the more sophisticated and delicate ones, which often require machine washing. Who has time to go to the laundry every month? Now it’s actually easier to dry clean at home. We tell you how.

Surely on your daily stroll through Zara or & Other Stories, you’ve come across real treasures that you wanted to take home with you. And in the checkout line, you’ve noticed the label, which says “hand wash only.” You get out of the line, put the garment back on its hanger, and say goodbye to it. Because this type of care involves money in each visit to the laundry and we are not always willing. Now you can save this process because it is possible to dry clean at home.

How to wash dry cleaning clothes at home with a homemade kit

Nowadays, we can find dry cleaning sprays even on Amazon. These work wonders for washing delicate garments that require special cleaning in a handmade way, as long as it is not too dirty. The stain remover spray is applied directly on marks of dirt, makeup, or other visible stains on the garment. However, as long as they are small. If it is huge, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

Hand washing can be effective

On many occasions, brands decide to put the hand-washing thing to save themselves responsibilities if we destroy the garment in the washing machine. At least so says Lindsey Boyd, founder of The Laundress. An example of this is wool, silk, or cashmere, which can be easily soaked in cold water without shrinking or losing fabric quality. Of course, you may have to give it good ironing afterward.

Hand washing in the sink or basin is gentler and more gentle. But it is advisable to secure the experiment before it gets out of hand. Therefore, the idea is to wet an inner part of the garment that is not visible to check if the textile comes out badly. If that doesn’t happen, you’re free to go.

To do this, you only need to fill a basin of cold water and a detergent for delicate garments. Immerse the garment to soak it completely, rubbing with the fingertips the dirtiest stains or areas, such as armpits or neck. Then replace the soapy water with clean water and rinse the garment to remove the suds.

The final key is drying. Because to remove excess moisture, the ideal is to spread the garment on a dry towel and roll it up in it, pressing without twisting so that it absorbs all the water. Then lay it on a smooth surface, and voila! Hand washing was successfully avoided.

The delicate cycle of the washing machine

This second option is reserved only for firmer fabrics that do not deform, such as cotton, linen, or polyester. Choose the program for delicate garments, making sure it is in cold water, without spin, and mild detergent. Then hang them on hangers or on smooth surfaces.

Tips for laundry

If you have no choice but to go to the laundromat, you can postpone the visit with these tips.

Of course, some materials require a trip to the laundry. Viscose, rayon, leather, or structured garments that can lose their shape will be in better hands if we leave their cleaning to a professional. But we must take into account the time and money savings of postponing this dry cleaning. For this, there are two tricks we can put into practice.

The first one is to use a fabric freshener so that its aroma and sensation contact with the skin remains fresh after several wearings. We can also take the iron and apply steam to the garment without touching it to smooth wrinkles and refresh it.

How to wash your cat in the washing machine without damaging it

The coat seems too delicate a garment to put in the washing machine, but it can also be washed this way if, for whatever reason, it has become soiled. It’s a shame not to show off your favorite coat clean and impeccable now that it’s time to take it out of the closet.

Putting your coat in the washing machine without damaging it

The main thing to keep in mind when washing a coat is to read the instructions on the label carefully.

Many coats indicate that they can only be dry cleaned. In that case, it is best to take it to a dry cleaner and have it carefully cleaned there. If it is an expensive coat, which we are very fond of, it is better not to risk putting it in the washing machine.

But if what worries us is a small stain, we can first try on the inside of the garment (in an area that is not visible) to see if it does not spoil with water and rubbing, and if we see that the coat holds well even if we put dry cleaning, then we can clean the stain directly with cold water and a product for delicate garments.

However, sometimes the coat has several stains from makeup or other types of dirt, or simply has stained collars with sweat or has been yellowed from being stored in the closet.

It is best to put your coat in the washing machine in these cases, on a short cycle, and with cold or warm water. If there is a specific program for wool, we will opt for that option. The ideal is to wash it in the washing machine at half load so that it does not rub against other garments, and to do it inside out, also to avoid friction.

If we see that the stain persists, we can do another longer wash or with warmer water, although in these cases, we risk damaging the coat, getting small balls if it is wool or shrinkage.

If we put the coat in the washing machine, we must hang it as soon as the washing is finished, and better from a hanger than from some clothespins, so that it does not take a bad shape and the neck and shoulders remain in perfect condition. 

Also, keep in mind that some coats, such as down coats, lose their shape after washing and can become wrinkled. It is best to dry them with a tumble dryer.