Could You Wear Only Eco-Friendly Fashion?

The buzzwords of the moment are sustainable, environmentally sound and green. These ideas also appear to be more at home on a political or social basis. However, fashion appears to be all three of these postmodern words. Many people who enjoy the fashion industry are also keen to flex their eco-credentials and take note of the world in which they work. This means that the time has come to merge these two aspects. Will fashion ever be genuinely eco-friendly, and can you be an eco-fashionist? Yeah, you can!

Steer Clear Of Trends

Forget about buying a garish pink, wasteful, and Korean sweater only because it’s the cover of a strange fashion magazine. Maybe you don’t like the clothes, and yet you’re buying them. Couple this with the fact that it’s an immoral item of clothing, and you may find yourself getting the remorse of the buyer. Don’t go for styles, and start studying your garments a little bit more. Go online to find out the policies of your favorite brands. Do they care about where the materials come from for their garments? Will they paying people a fair salary to make their clothes? Make sure you look at this before parting with your cash.

Forget Fast Fashion

Purchasing ethical and natural clothes involves stopping quick fashion. Those cheaper parts are decent value, or so you think, but if they shrink in the bath, roll up within a week, and lose their form after only one wear, then what’s the point in buying them? This dress ends up in a dump, and you’re left shopping for more garments to purchase to replace it. Instead, select garments made from recycled fabrics such as linen or organic cotton and pay a little extra for a well-made piece. This means that you can wear it more frequently, it can be upcycled and customized at a later date, and you don’t have to think about buying it too soon. Consider using one of the many eco-friendly drawstring bags on the market to carry your new purchases when you buy them on the high street to save on your single-use plastic usage.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When you step into your closet and you’re met by a sea of clothes that you’re no longer wearing, don’t immediately throw them out. Some of the clothes you wear are going to be in very decent shape and can be used again. Just because your 1980s jeans don’t suit anymore doesn’t mean you can’t place them on eBay and earn a couple of bucks, or you can’t send them back to your nearest charity shop to be reused and cherished again. Clear your closet and make some spare cash as part of your side hustle. Then you should consider the most responsible brands you may like to use to refill your depleted closet.

Final words

Bring an eco fashionista isn’t difficult. You simply need to rethink your approach to fashion and be willing to shun the trends in favor of sustainability.

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